Clients We Work With

We enjoy working on topics – or industries – that we have an interest in.  And our copywriting is naturally stronger when we write about something we enjoy.

For you, this means more compelling copy that will produce higher response. 

Below are the industries we have the most personal experience, training, and/or knowledge in.  But as we mentioned on the home page, our capabilities are diverse.  This means we can – and have – successfully helped clients with products or services unrelated to those industries listed below.

So drop us a line and let us know what your needs are.  If we’re not the right match for you . . . we won’t hesitate to say so.

  • Aviation – focus is on business and general aviation.  Whether you manufacture the aircraft or the avionics, or you’re a supplier, or you operate a service business within the aerospace industry . . . we would love to help you be even more successful.
  • Audio and Video – includes audio engineering and recording; music recording and production; video production; and audio/video distribution.
  • Facilities maintenance as well as new construction and renovation projects.  Whatever your business is within the construction market – including suppliers, manufacturers, and equipment vendors – the odds are that we can generate the marketing results you seek.
  • Energy – includes the traditional oil and natural gas, coal or minerals, geothermal, renewable energy (solar), and more.  You might be the manufacturer of the equipment, the company drilling the wells, the business that gets the product to market . . . or anywhere in between.
  • Environmental – includes industrial wastewater treatment, remedial cleanup, air or water quality, reverse osmosis, recycling and everything in between. Again, whether you manufacture the equipment or provide the services, we can help you create content that your prospects and clients respond to.
  • Software – especially (but not exclusively) related to the above-listed industries. And we also have extensive experience in the acoustics field.
  • Any industry that sells complex products and services to a business audience
  • Professional associations – a unique industry that bridges the gap between the nonprofit world and the for-profit business sector.  We understand your distinctive position and the business-to-business marketing message you need to convey for an ever growing membership.

And if you need technical or scientific lingo translated into words your prospects or clients can understand … then please give us a call. We’re both extremely comfortable talking with engineers and other technical professionals.  We can talk "features" with them and convert those features into the "benefits" your prospects desire.  All that’s right up our alley!

Not only that, but each of us – the B2B Scribe marketing and copywriting team – has a different perspective.  We evaluate, analyze, and approach the project a little bit differently. 

How does that help you? 

It’s like having two different prospects read over your copy before it goes out to all your other prospects.  It’s a beta test of sorts that strengthens the copy along with your expected results.

Give us a call or send us an email.  We’ll gladly talk over your needs without any obligation and get a quote to you the same day.