How We Work With You

One of us – either Karen Zapp or John Withers – will take the lead on your project.  This means that one of us will be your primary point of contact. 

But know that we’re both working for you behind the scenes.  And you don’t pay a penny more than if you hired a solo freelancer!  But nonetheless when you work with us, you’ve got a team. 

How we work with you unfolds about the same whether you’ve hired us to write a landing page, white paper, press release, case study, web copy, or any other type of project. 

Here are the steps:

  • Generally it all begins with an exploratory phone meeting.  You talk with one of us about your project, timing, requirements, budget, and so on.  Then we’ll take that information and submit a quote to you on the same day.
  • Assuming the project is a “GO” we’ll next schedule another phone meeting to start collecting in-depth information.  There will be questions for you to answer and background information to send us that relates to the product or service featured in the project.  Some projects also require interviews of key personnel or clients of yours.  Case studies, for example, require us to interview your client.
  • Next the information you provided is carefully studied along with our own research.  And there may be a few follow-up questions at this point to fill in any gaps.
  • At this point we write the copy and and submit it for your review.  You’ll receive the copy in a Microsoft Word document via email.  Deadlines for submission of the copy are set either at the quotation stage or in the first phone meeting after award of the project.
  • When applicable we’ll include suggestions for design.  These may be detailed notes within the WORD document, submitted in a separate document, or sometimes rough drawings or sketches will be included. (Please understand that when we say rough, we mean rough because we’re copywriters and not graphic designers.) 
  • Now it’s your turn.  You review the work and note any desired tweaks or changes.


  • Last step – if necessary – is to incorporate the revisions promptly and submit it again for your final review.  Revisions are included in the project fee provided you send them to us within 30 days and are not based on a major change in the assignment made after the copy is submitted.  And we follow the industry standard of two rounds of revisions, if needed.
  • Although not required to do so, we recommend that you send us a PDF of the project before printing/sending/publishing.  We’ll review it, make sure the elements are positioned effectively, and verify that all revisions work effectively.

Two more important details about working with us . . .

  1. We guarantee that you’ll receive the first submission of copy by the agreed-upon deadline.
  2. We’re confident we can work with your graphic designer without any difficulties.  But if you don’t have a designer we can recommend someone to you from the professionals we know.