Not Generating Enough Leads . . .
or Not Getting Enough Sales?

If your current marketing communications aren’t meeting your goals; if they’re just not getting the job done for you . . . then our direct response copywriting services – specifically for business-to-business companies – will make a positive difference in your results.

The white papers, customer case studies, pay-per-click campaigns, web copy, emails and autoresponders, press releases, and landing pages we create for our clients can achieve measureable results in terms of leads and sales.  There won’t be any doubt about whether it works or not.  This is why we love direct response marketing because it holds us accountable to our clients.

You can measure whether the marketing copy we create for you gets the desired results.  For example, here’s what a client shared . . .

"You [] have been a true asset to our organization. You’ve done it all for us: website copy, emails, lead generation letters, press releases, brochures – you name it. Just one of your email campaigns resulted in tripling our membership – in only 9 weeks! And we’re still growing. We are extremely fortunate to have found you, and I expect to be working with you for many years."

– Gordon Skillen
Executive Director, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada

It starts by setting your products or services apart from the competition. Making it crystal clear why what you offer is the best choice. Doing this right can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. And there are a multitude of powerful ways to share the differences with your prospects and clients which go way beyond your ultimate selling proposition (USP).

Need to tweak your offer?

As you probably know, the key to successful direct response marketing is the offer. If you already have a great offer; that’s terrific. We can run with it and help you promote it for the highest response rate.

We can also work with our clients to help improve an offer you already have. To make the offer even more compelling. There are simple and very effective ways we do this.

And if need be we can work with you on a consulting basis to develop an offer. To help you determine what might work best with your marketing objectives and budget. For example: A problem-solving white paper, a case study, additional tools or learning aids so buyers can put your product to use easier and faster.

Now there’s a heck of a lot more to direct response marketing and copywriting than what we’ve talked about so far. But if we don’t get these two areas right, everything else is destined to be milquetoast.

You have choices

Why mention all this now? Because you have nearly unlimited choices of who you choose for your B2B copywriting and marketing. Our writing team – Karen Zapp and John Withers – may not be the right choice for you. And we highlight these two important areas so you’ll have some idea what we can do for you that others may not.

As you might expect, we’ll need to have a few discussions before – or if – anything is locked down. And during the exploratory phone discussions, if an idea pops into our head we’re known to freely share ideas on the spot. This means you’ll likely come away with something you can incorporate into your marketing without any obligation. That’s just the way we do business.

Who are our clients?

The types of companies we work with include aviation, technology, industrial, construction, energy, professional associations, and more. Our clients come from industries that sell complex products and services to a business audience.

Why do we choose these markets and industries? Because we write best about subjects, businesses, and industries that intrigue us. Or perhaps we have personal experience working in the field or some other connection. Fortunately we’re both very curious people with great diversity in what intrigues us. And when you work with us you’ve got a team.

Take a gander at the Clients We Work With and Writer Bios pages to get a flavor of who we typically work with. If you don’t happen to see your industry mentioned, drop us a line anyway. It simply didn’t make sense to try and list all possibilities. Besides . . . one of the benefits of our backgrounds and natural talents is this: We can get up to speed quickly on products or services new to us. We love to learn.

From reviewing your existing copy to helping you launch a new venture; from lead generation letters to online ad campaigns; from postcards to web copy; from white papers to landing pages and most everything in between . . . if it involves direct response B2B copywriting then we just might be the choice you’re looking for. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.