Services We Offer

When you work with us you’ve got a team.  Yet experience has proven that it’s easier for our clients when you have one of us as your primary point of contact – the person who takes the lead and directly answers all your questions.  So that’s how we’ll work with you too.  Speaking of the work we do . . .

Our services include ONLINE and PRINT for all the categories below, and more:

  • Web Copy – Includes search engine optimized (SEO) pages, pay-per-click ad copy and all elements of the PPC campaign, keyword research, emails and autoresponders, landing pages, and just about anything you need online … perhaps even blog posts.
  • Lead generation campaigns, materials – So many details must be covered in order to create a thorough and successful campaign.  We have checklists and guidelines to help ensure nothing is missed, creativity is maximized, and your worries are relieved.
  • Special reports, white papers, tip or guide sheets – Although popular, do you know why white papers often “miss the mark?”  We do.  And we’ll make certain what we craft for you hits the mark.
  • Case studies (success stories) – All too often client stories or testimonials are milquetoast at best.  We can interview your most satisfied clients and turn their praises into a powerful story – a case study – that “Wows” your prospects without coming across as bragging.  It favorably features your client while showcasing how your product or service improved your client’s business.
  • Copy reviews – we’ll also evaluate your copy on emails, websites, letters, or whatever you’ve already written and suggest ways to make it even stronger.
  • Press Releases – Sad to say that far too many press releases are boring.  With B2B Scribe your publicity exposure will be increased with a simple yet captivating technique that eliminates “boring.”
  • Video continues to explode as an engaging, results-producing marketing strategy for B2B companies. What you say along with your call to action are major components of a quality video. We write video scripts and also help clients develop calls to action.
  • Marketing and Consulting Packages – Although we’re not a mega-sized full-service agency, we do offer more than writing strong direct response copy. Four popular packages that include copywriting and consulting in some capacity are:

    1. Boost Website Usability Package – rewriting one or more pages of web copy plus a site usability evaluation based on your website home page. This can have a dramatic effect on conversions and visitor stickiness.
    2. Copy-Plus Marketing Package – write the marketing piece (e.g., client success story), and then list at least four ways you can leverage it with your target market for maximum return on your investment.
    3. Offer Enhancement Package – write the marketing piece (e.g., white paper), and then help you tweak or create an offer … a strong call to action. The right offer dramatically increases response.
    4. Marketing Strategy Consultation – Not certain what you need to generate more leads or sales? Or maybe you just want to talk over your current marketing plan and get ideas for improvement. That’s the idea behind this package.

And if you need technical or scientific lingo translated into words your prospects or clients can understand … then please give us a call. We’re both extremely comfortable talking with engineers and other technical professionals.

An advantage you’ll receive when working with us is that because there are two of us, we each have a different perspective.  We evaluate, analyze, and approach the project a little bit differently.  So exactly HOW does that help you?

It’s like having two different prospects read over your copy before it goes out to all your other prospects.  It’s a beta test of sorts that strengthens the copy along with your expected results.

Give us a call or send us an email.  We’ll gladly talk over your needs without any obligation and get a quote to you the same day.