Segment your “Buyers” with PPC

by Wiz

One of the things that distinguishes B2B from B2C is that quite often many individual customers have to “buy” before one product is sold.

B2B is research-heavy. The engineer/technician is looking for a solution to her problem. The shop supervisor wants to make sure the product indeed meets the solution. The Compliance office is looking for all the correct specs. Accounting is looking at the price/value proposition. Legal is looking at contractual issues. Upper management is looking at the brand relationships (among others).

You, of course, know all this. You know that all of these buyers have to be sold before your product is purchased. And your website is full of information that will help these buyers make their collective decision, including:

  • Pricing information
  • Peer testimonials/reviews of a product
  • Professional publications or white papers
  • News or press releases for a brand or company

If they can’t find it, they won’t buy


Purchase Funnel

Even though many searchers in the tech-buying chain are searching for similar information, the search phrases they use will be different. As you look through your web analytics, you’ll see search phrases that will key you on what phase of the research/buying process that searcher is in.

And that’s one of the benefits of using PPC.

Within PPC campaigns you can segment your keywords (search terms) that address various stages of your company’s purchase funnel. That means you can create ads and landing pages that speak to the exact questions the decision makers have in mind – and then direct them to your white paper, recent awards, press release, price list, or whatever is appropriate to that searcher.

Remember – when someone is researching online, they have a question in their head that they’re looking to answer. With your knowledge of your customers, you already know the questions each level of buyer is likely to ask. And with PPC ads and landing pages, you can show them that you know exactly what they’re looking for, and where on your site they can find it.

It takes some thought, investment, and a little bit of work. But when you can intercept potential buyers early in their research, you have a much better chance of converting the searcher into a satisfied customer.

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