Beef Up Your B2B Press Release Headlines

by Karen

Whether it’s a B2B press release, email subject line, white paper title, trade journal article, or anything else . . . the headline must get the job done.B2B headlines that get readers to read

What is that job?

It goes far beyond grabbing the reader’s attention. The B2B headline must also take the reader to the next step by drawing them into the copy. You need to give them a reason to read more!

As an example, here is a press release about a super nifty technology for the energy industry which benefits people in the facilities management sector:

New Energy More Than Doubles Patent Portfolio for Novel Technology Able to Generate Electricity on Glass Windows

Why don’t I like that headline? Because it’s all about New Energy – the company that developed this first-of-its-kind, see-through technology.

Yes, they ought to be proud of what they’ve accomplished. And definitely should issue press releases as they continue to improve their technology.

But let’s consider their target audience. I’m assuming it includes facility managers. As a manager of a building or complex of buildings . . . Do I care that you [New Energy] doubled the number of patents you have?


As a facility manage I care about reducing energy costs, saving money, having a more efficient building, making an economical improvement to the facility, and so forth. This is what the headline ought to focus on.

One alternate headline is this:

Generate Electricity with Glass Windows

This technology by New Energy just got a whole lot better and more affordable

Or better yet:

More Affordable Electricity Generation from Glass Windows

This technology by New Energy just made life easier for facility managers

Do you see how the headline above is more likely to catch the attention of the target audience? It features one of their primary issues they continually work to solve – more affordable electricity. And the second part of the B2B headline even uses the name of the target audience. That’s what I mean by “beef up” your press release headlines.

These two alternate headlines are far more likely to get the job done – get more prospects to at least start reading the text of the press release – than the headline used by New Energy. Why? Because the reader saw something they care about in the headline and have a reason to read more.

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