Professional Associations

Do you need to attract more members? Do you want to boost your renewal rate? Are you striving to fill more events or programs? Or perhaps you’re trying to sell more professional development books and materials to your members?

We can help you.

How? We’re a rarity because we have experience with both the nonprofit sector and business-to-business marketing. This is something that very few – if any – other copywriters have.

We’ll use the latest copywriting strategies to send clear messages to your members about the value your association brings to their career. For example: We’ll craft compelling messages on how you . . .

  • make it easier for them to stay current in their field
  • make it easy for members to network with peers online or at events
  • offer special pricing to members at the best conferences in your industry
  • help them keep their license or professional certification current
  • are the voice of your industry in Washington for critical legislation
  • provide the best possible services to your members; and how you listen to them and add benefits they request

Those are but a few examples. And whether you need the copy for your website, an email campaign, a unique landing page, pay-per-click ads, or video scripts . . . we can make it work for you. There’s also a good chance you use direct mail in addition to your online strategies. We can help you with both your online and print marketing messages.

And we believe you’ll see a positive difference in your results because we do understand that you bridge the gap between the nonprofit world and the for-profit business sector. You’re a nonprofit yet your marketing mirrors business-to-business strategies and concepts. You are a "business" reaching out to business professionals.

Most important of all, the services you provide to your members impacts their livelihood. That’s why it’s especially important to write copy that resonates with your readers . . . copy that makes it crystal clear why they must join your association.

"You [] have been a true asset to our organization. You’ve done it all for us: website copy, emails, lead generation letters, press releases, brochures – you name it. Just one of your email campaigns resulted in tripling our membership – in only 9 weeks! And we’re still growing. We are extremely fortunate to have found you, and I expect to be working with you for many years."

– Gordon Skillen
Executive Director, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada

We believe we’re uniquely qualified to write copy that gets results – online or in print – for your association. As mentioned earlier, our experience is with both nonprofits and B-to-B. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss ideas and get back to you with a prompt quotation on a project.

Oh, and one more quick item: For more information on the nonprofit copywriting services we offer, please visit

We look forward to helping your association grow.