Feel the B2B Love

by Karen

How can your B2B company tie its totally non-personal products or services to the “love” holiday of the year – Valentine’s Day?

For example: What do any of these have to do with Valentines?

A worn gear operated natural gas pipeline valve

Photovoltaic modules, micro-inverters, or solar racks and tracking systems for a commercial building

Building energy management systems

Overhauled Lycoming cylinders for aircraft

Geothermal heat pumps

First you need to be willing to have some fun. Dare to be different.

Perhaps create a cartoon. Have the character hugging your valve with an exaggerated red heart on his chest pumping madly; and his facial expression is pure puppy love.

You could use that same concept with a multitude of products or services.

Then build a campaign with specials for the month of February. Structure the offer any way you choose. Point out how the purchase of your product is like a Valentine gift to the buyer – they’ll be a hero to their company for such a wise decision that reaps all these benefits to the company. Blah-blah-blah.

I encourage you to give it a try. Why? Because in the all-too-dry and dull world of B2B marketing, a Valentine cartoon will stand out. It will differentiate your company.

Second approach is a more routine customer or client appreciation campaign.

Show your “love” and gratitude for their patronage by sending a Valentines card. Print is ideal. Or do print and email.

You could simply say “thank you.” Or you could combine your thanks with a special offer for loyal patrons.

Special pricing on a new product you’re releasing. Or regular price with free shipping or some other “extra” thrown in.

Send them a valuable white paper or report others had to pay to receive; give them something exclusive.

If you know the B2B buyer real well, you may even be able to send a gift card for a hobby or restaurant they enjoy.

Invite them to share any suggestions with you – good or bad. People generally like to share their opinion, so invite them to do just that. Stress how important it is for your company to deliver what he/she wants as the buyer; and the best way to do that is to hear from them exactly what they want!  (Important note: Make it super easy for your client to give you this feedback.)

Those are our thoughts on how to help your clients or customers feel the love this Valentine’s Day. And remember, just because we’re in the B2B world doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun – cartoons, for example, are quite effective and separate you from the masses.

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