Over 13 Dozen Predictions, Trends and Stats for Social Media in 2013

by Karen

We seem fascinated by predictions. Will they really come true? Will that trend continue or fizzle? Does this author really know what’s going to happen in 2013 with social media?

Although there are dozens if not hundreds more, here I have a collection of eight articles and posts from various sources.

If you want your B2B company to be ahead of the game in using social media to market your products and services … then it’s worth your time to peruse these articles. Find out what else you ought to be doing in the year ahead.

They’re in no particular order:

10 B2B Social Media Predictions for 2013” – from the Social Media B2B blog and Jeffrey Cohen.

Cohen believes lead gen social media will have incremental growth; CEOs will remain skeptical about its value; B2B marketer skills will expand as content gets more visual; B2B marketers will get addicted to social media ads; and 6 more predictions are discussed.

Social Media Predictions for 2013: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” – from Ben Pickering (CEO, Strutta) and the Huffington Post.

He shares 5 predictions including Twitter becomes a must-buy media property and files to go Public; LinkedIn completes its evolution to a true social network; Pinterest tries and fails to court the male demographic; and 2 more predictions including one on Facebook.

6 PR and social media predictions for 2013” – from Sandra Faith on ragan.com.

Sandra believes that LinkedIn will become the new Facebook and become even more valuable to marketers; information-overloaded consumers will demand a higher standard of reporting in 2013; PR practitioners need to go mobile; and 2 more including the continued rise on the importance of pictures.

102 Compelling social media adn online marketing stats and facts for 2012 (and 2013)” – from Webbiquity.

Lots of people love statistics. They reassure us that we are doing the right thing … or they point out actions we’re lacking. So here are 102 stats and facts to not only reflect on how things went in 2012, but why lies ahead in 2013. You’ll see how measuring the ROI of social media still troubles many marketers; costs of leads via social media; SEO stats and facts; and much more.

Social media trends that are colliding in 2013” – from Mark Schaefer and BusinessesGrow.com.

Could this be one of the first doom and gloom predictions for 2013? Not really. He discusses six scenarios where two seemingly unrelated trends are coming together into a single trend. One in about Facebook. Another is on entertaining us online. It’s quite interesting and I recommend you take a few minutes to read his article.

6 Social Media Trends You Should Not Ignore in 2013” – by Jeff Bullas.

Jeff begins with a short summation of 2012 which is worth reviewing. Among his six trends for 2013 is his statement that social content is the “new” king (social, search and content are increasingly integrated and intertwined); he expects brands to have a more vibrant and focused attention on Twitter because it doesn’t filter its stream (Facebook censors your visible content to their “pages” fans); designing your website, blog and online stores now needs to include strong, large and high definition photos and images that are easy to share; and 3 more.

New Year, New Trends Roundup For Ya!” – from Maddie Grant on Social Fish.

Maddie has a nice collection of articles and posts on trends for 2013. These include topics such as social media, marketing trends, state of the web, big data, top social media case studies of 2012, and from Forbes an article on “Social Business: 5 Trends to watch for 2013 and beyond.” And she wraps it up by citing 5 ways all these trends will impact the association industry.

How to Effectively Budget Your Social Media Program in 2013” – by Jasmine Sandler in ClickZ.com.

More than one of the above articles talks about the significant cost of marketing via social media. Many of the platforms may be free (excluding advertising), but the cost of having employees create content and monitor the sites, plus the software to manage the data are not free.

Jasmine outlines six (6) considerations as you’re preparing your social media budget for 2013. They include developing a strategy, content development, channel management and more.

That’s a boatload of content, insights, tips, and predictions to digest. Skim through and pick out what’s most relevant to your social media strategy and B2B company. Then dive in deeper on those select points. For B2B (or any market), social media is growing. It’s a reality of how we do business.

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