Integrated Content Marketing for Aviation

by Wiz

This example is from the aviation industry. But the ideas on how you can integrate your B2B content marketing work for any industry. 

I spotted a press release by “Century Flight Systems” which serves as the example for this post. Specifically – how to repurpose content in several channels and in a variety of formats to get the most marketing and lead generation mileage.

What do I mean?

In its press release Century Flight Systems announced “they have received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the installation of their Century 4000 Autopilot in Cessna 182-series aircraft.  Follow-on Certifications are expected to include Saratoga PA32-301, 301T, PA32R-301 and 301T Aircraft.”

One of the benefits of this new autopilot is that “… C182 aircraft owners investing in the C4000 will be able to extend the useful life of their aircraft while making their flying safer, more relaxing and enjoyable,” said Bill Eubanks, Century Flight Systems’ President.

How could Century Flight Systems strengthen the press release … AND … repurpose the marketing content for maximum lead generation?

Create a case study from a customer who has installed the new autopilot; share the before and after story

Add a keyword-rich link within the press release to a unique landing page where prospects download the case study

Within the press release include a keyword-rich link to a video that demonstrates the autopilot – specifically it showcases the benefits cited in the press release

Post the video on the company’s YouTube page and link back to the website with the case study

Write a white paper with more details on the pros and cons of various autopilots; upgrading avionics in aircraft; etc. and then end with how Century Flight Systems autopilot is a good solution. Link to the video and case study.

Send out Tweets, Facebook updates (perhaps ads as well), and LinkedIn ads to the press release; video; case study; and white paper.

Start a discussion or ask a pertinent question regarding autopilots in LinkedIn groups.

Post an update on the company LinkedIn business page on this topic

Send out targeted emails to past customers and prospects. Link to the video.

Send a direct mail letter to flight schools, aviation brokers (sellers and buyers of aircraft), and complementary/non-competing vendors. Offer the white paper or case study.

I’m just getting warmed up!

In this example the white paper would likely be the first piece of content marketing created. Followed next by the case study and video. Then writing the press release, social media updates, emails and direct mail letters would easily follow and be a lot less work to create.

Can you see how this integrated approach is a powerful content marketing approach from 30,000 feet as opposed to a ground level maneuver with a simple press release? And how it gives this aviation company – or any B2B company – more leverage in generating quality leads and attracting customers?

Fly high with integrated content marketing. Leverage and repurpose your B2B content if you want to gain more leads and create more sales.

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