Dialogue with B2B Prospects for Higher Quality Leads

by Wiz

One way to improve the quality of leads from your B2B marketing efforts … is to generate a dialogue with your prospects.

This was the gist of a recent post by Seth Godin, “Communication is a path, not an event.”

As Godin says, “Can’t sell anything risky or complex in one shot.” And in B2B it is a risky (e.g., expensive) or complex product / service you’re striving to sell more times than not.

So yes, it still requires several ‘touches’ before someone decides to buy. And along the way – as early in the sales cycle as possible – get prospects involved in a true two-way communication.

This is ideal because these conversations are perhaps the deepest form of engagement. And done well, they can shorten the path to a sale.

Therefore, invite prospects to ask a question. Invite them to chat with you – either by phone or online. This may even be THE call-to-action.

Where can you invite them to talk with you?

On landing pages – give them a phone number and a form to complete (their choice which they use)

On landing pages or on your website – have a survey to complete; or a topic to vote on as to what is most important to them. Capture contact data for follow up.

Ask questions in social media. This includes Tweets, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn updates on your company page and in group discussions. And respond to any answers you receive to your questions.

Anywhere and everywhere, simply say, “Let’s talk”

On blog posts – invite comments; ask specific questions; ask for opinions; etc.

Live chat feature on your website

Emails can also ask for opinions. Or ask, “What else would you like to know on this topic?” Or ask, “How else can we help you?” Or, “What isn’t clear? Anything you need explained?”

But Godin also points out the following: “Don’t sell us anything but the burning desire to follow up.”

Two thoughts spring to mind from that statement.

1) Don’t go for the sale too early in the cycle. Don’t get too pushy.

2) Be sure to give prospects a darn good reason WHY they ought to talk with you. Or why they ought to fill out your online form.

This means either spelling out a benefit they receive by contacting you … or asking in such a way that the benefit is already clear … or perhaps giving them an incentive to interact such as a white paper, case study, tutorial, etc.

In the multitude of emails, blog posts, Tweets, press releases, white papers, case studies, pay-per-click ads, videos, and such that are part of your marketing and lead generation cycle . . . be sure to invite prospects to talk and ask questions multiple times. “Drip” those invitations in a friendly fashion.

Why is all this so important?

As I said earlier, a true two-way conversation – a true dialogue with prospects – is arguably the deepest and most effective form of engagement. It also demonstrates that you are interested in helping them. It demonstrates your wiliness to add value without pushing for the sale at that moment.

In the long run I believe you’ll not only generate higher quality B2B leads through meaningful dialogue with prospects, but you’ll also get more sales and more repeat customers.

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