B2B Buyer Study: How B2B Content Impacts Buying Decisions

by Wiz

Yet another study – this one published by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council – showing that the quality of online content significantly impacts buyer decisions on vendor selection and product selection.

Over 400 business buyers worldwide, from a wide range of industries and functional industries, weighed in with their thoughts and preferences on content relevance, composition, educational quality and delivery.

Some key findings of the survey:

Eighty-eight percent of respondents say online content plays a major to moderate role in vendor selection.

Some 28 percent say they share content with more than 100 colleagues while another 31 percent share it with 25 to 100 people.

67 percent of respondents named research and white papers from professional organizations among their most trusted content sources, compared to just 9 percent who named vendor white papers.

Other trusted and valued types of content include papers from industry organizations (50 percent); customer case studies (48 percent); analyst reports (44 percent); and independent product reviews (41 percent).

Respondents cited breadth and depth of information; ease of access, understanding and readability; and originality of thinking and ideas as the most valued characteristics in online B2B content.

Topping the list of characteristics most disliked were excessive requirements for download; blatantly promotional and self-serving pieces (a pet peeve of ours, too!); and non-substantive/uninformed papers and posts.

As we have said before, B2B buyers are relying on online content more than ever. The challenge, then, is creating content that demonstrates value and conveys trust. And do that over and over again.

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Resources for this post:

Study: Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field from Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council

Infographic courtesy of MarketingProfs.com

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