Are you meeting…nay; are you exceeding your B2B customers’ expectations?

by Wiz

If you’re like 63% of small businesses . . . you believe your customers have higher expectations of you than they did five years ago. (Note: Small Business = annual revenues of $33-million or less per U.S. government parameter.)

What’s more . . .

71% believe customers expect more value

48% believe customers expect better customer service

44% believe customers expect more deals and coupons

What do YOUR customers want? And what are you doing to find out? These are valid questions regardless of the size of your business.

Once you’ve discovered what your B2B customers expect and value … once you find out what’s most important to them … are you able to write the copy and deliver the content they want? Easier said than done. Here at B2B Scribe we’re ready to help you make it happen.

And that’s not the only interesting set of statistics from a survey of small businesses conducted by Constant Contact.

Other challenges include:

40% say it’s harder to run their business because of more direct competitors. You’ll stand out from the crowd if you dare to be different in your B2B marketing. If you clearly communicate WHY customers ought to buy from you as opposed to a competitor.

65% say “finding enough time” is a primary business concern. Let’s face it. Success today depends on a team effort. You can’t do it all yourself. Let’s talk about how B2B Scribe can make your work easier by creating content for your lead generation and marketing campaigns.

49% believe it’s harder to find customers today because prospects pay less attention to marketing. Again, you need to stand apart from the crowd and deliver what people want. And you need to do this across multiple channels.

It’s an understatement to say that marketing is challenging today. Yet it is possible to make strong connections with new customers; and retain more of your existing customers. Another secret of success once you find out what customers and prospects expect; is to exceed their expectations. Don’t merely meet them.

What’s your biggest B2B marketing challenge today as compared to five years ago?

How do you compare to the infographic below? And again, are you not only meeting but EXCEEDING your customers’ expectations so they’ll choose you over your competitors?


Small Business Survey - infographic

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