Benefits of Educating B2B Prospects with Quality Content

by Karen

Your prospects – the business buyer – needs valuable information in order to make the best buying decision possible for herself, and her business. That means you have to make quality content available throughout the long B2B sales cycle in a variety of formats.

The formats that your buyers seek the most often include white papers, case studies, videos and audio content, and blog post content. And they are also among the most effective strategies B2B (and B2C) companies use according to an survey:

What are the benefits of using white papers, blog posts, case studies and videos as part of your B2B content marketing strategy? The benefits of educating, informing and inspiring your audience with great content include:

Higher quality leads

May shorten the sales cycle

Build trust and loyalty

Advance prospects and clients though the sales cycle

Increase the traffic to your website

Improve prospect and client engagement

Produce more leads

Reduce the time that your sales force spends answering questions; makes their job easier and more efficient

Improve search engine rankings and better organic search results

The same survey revealed that “content marketing … is difficult and time consuming to produce.” In fact, the primary obstacle cited by the greatest percentage (42%) of respondents is that that they don’t have enough staff to create the content. So why not out source and have us [B2B Scribe] write chunks of that content for you?

I know. It’s a shameless plug for our services. Nonetheless, this is what we do best. And with our technical degrees and years of working within our target industries, we can get up to speed quickly on your complex products and services. We make it clear to your B2B prospects and clients why they ought to do business with you.

Let us do the B2B copywriting for you. Let us write your white papers, case studies, video scripts, and perhaps even some of your blog posts. We make content marketing easier for you. We help you realize the benefits listed above which likely represent many of your marketing and sales goals. Contact us today and let’s talk about it.

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