5 Steps to Higher Converting B2B Landing Pages

by Karen

B2B Landing Pages - rocket scienceGetting a landing page to convert isn’t rocket science. But the final result – design and content of the page with highest conversion rate – isn’t always what you think it would be either.

Here are five steps to take in order to increase the conversions on your B2B landing pages:

1 – Is your landing page consistent with the copy / offer that sent prospects to the page?

Does your landing page continue the conversation started by your pay-per-click (PPC) ad? Does it continue the conversation started by your Tweet or LinkedIn ad? Does the headline and call-to-action align with what the prospect was promised?

2 – Are the graphics, copy and overall design in sync with the desired action? For example:

If you want prospects to fill out a form … does everything support that?

If you want prospects to download a white paper … does everything support that?

If you want prospects to call you … does everything support that?

3 – Why are you special?

What value do you offer that no one else does? How are you unique? Why should a prospect do what you ask (i.e., respond to your call-to-action) as opposed to going to a competitor?

4 – Does your copy “speak” to your prospect … to your target audience?

Are you designing an offer and landing page that hits the bull’s eye for a niche? And therefore increasing your odds of successful conversions?

Or are you a milquetoast? Are you trying to be all things to all people? And therefore sending an ambiguous message that few prospects respond to.

5 – Have you tested your landing page to hone the content? For example:

Strongest headline

Where to put the sign-up box or call-to-action (CTA) button

Best colors for the CTA

Good eye flow and easy to scan

High graphic / image quality

Concise, tight copy including bullets of the most critical value statements for the prospect to read and comprehend

Minimize distractions to the eye (e.g., not too busy with tons of images, colors and multiple CTAs)

Regarding point number 5: Testing never ends. And it often yields surprising results.

For example: Sometimes tests reveal the highest conversion rate occurs when the form is below the fold. That’s counter-intuitive and it shows the value of testing. You need to find out what works best for your company and what you’re offering.

B2B landing pages are the life blood winning lead generation campaigns. Use the five steps above to create landing pages that convert – and convert well. Pump new life into your campaigns.

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