Why B2B Copywriting MUST Have Emotion

by Karen

Emotional smiley facesPerhaps you’ve heard it said that people make a decision based on emotion; and then justify or rationalize the decision with logic.

But you don’t quite buy into this. After all, you sell software to engineers. Or drill bits to oil and gas companies. Or spare parts to aircraft manufacturers. You’re thinking, “Those folks aren’t buying based on emotion! They’re too logical and analytical.”

I definitely understand logic and analytical thinking. After all, I’m an engineer turned marketer and copywriter. So I appreciate where you’re coming from.

But guess what? Your customers DO BUY BASED ON EMOTION. So do you.

In fact, it’s not possible for humans to make decisions without emotion.

Don’t believe me? Maybe science will convince you.

Studies on people who suffered brain damage from a tumor or a stroke show that if the part of their brain that deals with emotions was damaged … they can take 20-30 minutes trying to decide what restaurant to eat at, if they can decide at all.

These same people have been given IQ tests, had their motor skills, language skills, and learning ability tested and all are fine.

But they can’t make a decision because they’ve lost the connection with their emotions. Antonio Damasio and his research in neuroscience brought this to light around 1995.

Intelligent decision making is impossible without emotion because emotion is what marks the value and draws you to X or Y. Once you’ve made this first step, then knowledge and logic are used to literally test whether or not what you’re trying to decide makes sense.

Damasio also states that emotion is non-conscious and feeling is the conscious experience related to that emotion.

So in your copy you want to trigger an emotion so your readers FEEL something. This is what allows them to decide whether or not to buy your product or service.

If your copy/content is devoid of emotion . . . it’s a whole lot harder for people to make a decision. It will take them longer to make a decision. Fewer people will decide in your favor especially if a competitor has successfully tapped into their emotions with his offering.

Therefore, if you want to increase conversions then add more emotion to your B2B copy. Help your prospects and clients make the decision. Relax. I’m not talking about trying to get someone to shed a tear or dance about in utter jubilation. It doesn’t have to be that intense. But you must tap into their emotions – and the deeper the better – if you want to make a sale.

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