The Right Pay-Per-Click Offer Generates 530% More Leads

by Karen

Like the sound of generating 530-percent more leads with your pay-per-click campaign?

The right offer can make a world of difference. We’re working with a client who has seen a jump that large by simply changing the offer on the landing page.

So as you’re testing the ad copy, and the headlines, and the landing page layout as well as colors, buttons and fonts oh my … Don’t forget the offer.

Test subtle differences. For example:

•    15-day free trial versus a 30-day
•    10% savings or 15%

And test dramatic differences in your offer.
For example:

•    Download a white paper versus a
free 10-day video course
•    Download an important research study versus getting the first product free

It was the dramatic change in the offer that resulted in 530% more quality leads for our client. They switched from the white paper to the free video course. Oh, and the sign-up form for the video course requires several fields to be completed whereas the white paper only required name and email.

Why the jump? The target audience placed a greater value on the free video course than the white paper. You’re always trying to find what your audience wants the most; finds the most relevant; and perceives as having the greatest value.

Now don’t read too much into this.

It doesn’t mean white papers can’t produce large amounts of quality leads. And it doesn’t mean a video course automatically does. The point is to brainstorm ideas and test. Find out what works best for your B2B company.

And remember that the offer will likely change depending on where the prospect is in the B2B lead buying cycle.

The offer is a critical part of your marketing. This is true for pay-per-click, email, direct mail, and anything else. Test. Get creative. Hone in on the offer that produces the greatest number of quality B2B leads for you.

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