The Diversity of Pay-Per-Click: How it helps other marketing channels

by Wiz

Pay-per-click (PPC) is still a viable marketing and lead generation tool.

On its own it can be a strong source of leads, either through value-added online ads in the display network … in search results … or in social networking sites.

But it can also help make your campaigns in other marketing channels perform better. How?

Test with PPC

BEFORE you roll out a major direct mail campaign, email campaign, or even publish a press release – use PPC to test:

•    Headlines

•    Landing page design

•    Copy

•    Offer

Yes, test your promotion before you roll it out in multiple channels. And don’t forget the social networking sites. Facebook, for example, allows you to get quite specific with demographic audience selections.

PPC is an effective testing tool. And then when you launch your multi-channel campaign, you’ll have higher response and conversions because you’ve already tested everything. You’ll be using proven results-generating copy for your direct mail letters, emails, and press releases. And in subject lines, landing pages, headlines, and offers for all those methods.

A couple of the benefits of testing with PPC are that you can control the budget, and you get results rather quickly.

So keep pay-per-click in your quiver of tools. Both for lead generation on its own, and to pre-test campaigns for other channels. Make the most of what PPC offers.

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