Sales-Ready B2B Leads

by Karen

Generating sales-ready B2B leads is a multi-step direct marketing process. I doubt that’s news to you. But are you really orchestrating a multi-touch campaign?

What might you consider as you develop your multi-touch lead generation and nurturing campaign?

> Use a variety of channels and vary the type of content. Use print and digital; use videos, white papers, etc. For example:

– email that links to a blog post

– direct mail letter with a clever online call-to-action. Get engagement and capture email addresses for future multi-channel campaigns.

– email link to a white paper or case study

– use telemarketing as part of your follow-up strategy and lead nurturing

> Create personas for the different types of buyers as they progress through your buying cycle. For example: Front line managers, research engineers, VPs, CMOs and CIOs.

> Develop relevant content. Use any clues that prospects leave along the way to target your messaging. Clues such as pages of your website they visited and how long they stayed on a page. Clues such as tweet links they clicked or LinkedIn discussions they commented on. Remember, relevant content is more valuable to prospects; and they want value in every interaction they have with you.

> Include social in the mix. Share content on LinkedIn and YouTube. And depending on your industry, perhaps also Twitter and Facebook. Test to see which networks are best for you. And have a social strategy that integrates with the other channels you’re in.

> Make you USP well known. Is it CRYSTAL CLEAR to PROSPECTS why you’re different from your competitors? Have you tested this to make certain it’s clear to people outside your company? Repeat this difference along with any other core messages again, and again. Your prospects and clients don’t remember as much as you might think. Repetition is good.

> You know far more than your prospects. Be clear about what you’re offering and its benefits to your readers. And when you have a complex product or service, accept the fact that it takes more words to be clear. Seldom will you be able to effectively communicate with just a two or three word phrase. Brevity and cleverness aren’t always the right answer.

Again, nurture your leads with a variety of content: Items from the news; white papers, videos, case studies; blog posts; podcasts; press releases; webinars; etc. Have a direct marketing campaign to develop and nurture leads through the different stages of your buying cycle. And use multiple channels such as direct mail, email, telemarketing and social. Finally, tailor the content for different audiences. All this helps you develop solid, sales-ready B2B leads.

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