How will your targeting be affected: Changes in the wind for Google Adwords

by Karen

In a few days – March 21st – Google will phase out their demographic bidding. This impacts your pay-per-click campaigns on the Google Display Network.

There’s a solid post on this topic from Pamela Parker on Search Engine Land.

Parker contacted a spokeswoman at Google: “This is a feature that we have to retire to introduce additional features down the line.

According to Parker, what you may be losing is the ability to apply different bids based on gender or age groups. This feature is available on some sites including,, and some Google properties such as YouTube and Orkut. Each site provides the data for the bidding.

So what is Google making room for? Well, they wouldn’t say.

But the article speculates that they might be “… preparing to offer a more robust demographic bidding solution, based on its own data rather than site-provided data.” Perhaps this targeting will even be available on both the content network and on search ads.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens on March 21st.

Meanwhile, remember that the more targeted your message – in any media – the more effective it is. Personalized, relevant content that readers value is what triggers response, conversions, and revenue growth. So keep segmenting your emails, direct mail letters, and even your white papers. And yes, keep an eye on Google Adwords too.

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