From 1-to-10 … How is the content in your B2B marketing?

by Karen

Is your answer less than 7 or 8? Or considerably lower? You’re not alone.

A recent survey by Corporate Visions shows “80% of B2B marketing and sales professionals view their demand generation campaigns as ineffective to semi-ineffective.” And content is their biggest challenge.

What is it they dislike the most about the content?

It isn’t engaging or provocative according to 37% of those surveyed.

Improve the Content

A prime reason this survey caught my attention – and why I share it here – is because the number one reason their content is ineffective is that it lacks customer focus.

60% of those surveyed admitted that their B2B content is focused on their own company’s products and services. OUCH.

Your copy [content] must be reader-centric … customer-centric … prospect-centric. Use whichever term you want but the point is to put the reader in the spotlight and center on him/her.

What else can you do to improve the content?

• Focus more on writing quality content as opposed to cranking out massive amounts of mediocre content

• Eliminate marketing jargon. Write like people talk in everyday conversations.

• Add emotion. That’s right. B2B copy must also have emotion. There’s scientific proof to back up that statement which I reference in an earlier blog post, “Why B2B Copywriting MUST Have Emotion.”

Change your approach. Start creating content that’s effective in generating B2B leads and sales for your company. Dare to be different. Center the copy on the reader and what’s in it for them. And don’t forget to eliminate the jargon and to add emotion.


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