Consistent B2B Lead Generation Messaging

by Karen

It’s important to have consistency in the messaging for your business-to-business integrated lead generation campaigns.

Of course you’ll need some serious editing as you move from the direct mail letter to your website … on to email and social media updates … and also for mobile.

What you want remaining consistent is the overall tone and content of the messaging (and the design as well). And the tone and message content are driven by the business goal which also remains consistent from channel to channel.

For example:

Your company is an HVAC supplier (facilities maintenance industry) of equipment, repair parts and services, and also has training courses for the maintenance staff of your customers.

Let’s say you want to boost attendance at your training class for maintenance and repair of VAV boxes (variable air volume).

And the call-to-action (CTA) is to complete an online registration form.

Therefore every marketing element of your integrated campaign shares the benefits attendees (and their company) receive from the training; while the CTA drives everyone to the online registration form.

But you can’t list all the benefits in all of the channels. Direct mail gives you room to cover them all. But a Tweet or Facebook update doesn’t – you can only hit one crucial benefit.

The consistency comes from copy that is centered on the prospect. Plus you always share at least one benefit he/she gets by attending. And the tone, design, and CTA are also consistent.

This approach maximizes results. Especially when your audience is engaged with you across multiple channels.

Contact us to write prospect-centric B2B marketing campaigns that get more people attending your training classes or any other CTA you have.


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