White Papers Still Work. If . . .

by Wiz

Whether it’s white papers, or case studies, or emails, or social media . . . if you don’t write reader-centric copy that also engages your audience, then it won’t get the job done.

Whatever job you’ve given the white paper (e.g., lead generation, moving a prospect farther along in the sales cycle); you must bear those two factors in mind. Again, that’s reader-centric copy along with copy that engages the audience.

Quality content – even if consumed by fewer people – will still produce the results you need. In fact in many industries well written white papers are more influential with decision makers than they were in years past.

And don’t forget to “modernize” your white papers as well. Include social media buttons (e.g., a Facebook “like” button). Embed video. And as always include other graphics (e.g., charts, diagrams); as well as hyperlinks to landing pages and/or supporting collateral; and contact information.

Speaking of video – what about creating a video white paper? Essentially the white paper is presented in audio-visual format. Don’t confuse this with a webinar!

Just remember that with any B2B content, it’s best to create it in multiple formats if at all possible. This is because some managers, engineers, and executives want to listen to the content while exercising or driving. Others watch the video while on the commuter train or airplane. Others read the white paper over their morning coffee.

However you present the content (print, PDF, audio, or video white paper), there’s still a format to follow for white papers which we here at B2B Scribe are most familiar with.

In addition you need to write for your audience; be reader-centric; and make the content interesting for your readers to consume. If they don’t consume it they won’t move any closer to buying your products or services.

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