A new market for B2B products

by Karen

Does your B2B company sell physical products? If so, would you like more buyers to see your products? Want more web traffic which leads to more sales revenue? Do you want to increase your market share?

If you answered yes to those questions, then I have good news for you: Amazon is a market you ought to explore. Test it. Find out if you can increase your market share and increase sales revenue by listing your products in Amazon.

Specifically, on a site called AmazonSupply which was launched near the end of April 2012. That’s right. Amazon has officially moved into the B2B ecommerce space.

Given the trust people have in purchasing through Amazon, and a buyer’s overall positive experience … having that marketplace available to you as a B2B product seller can be good news.

AmazonSupply is for business, scientific and commercial customers. Examples of the product categories offered so far include abrasives & finishing, cutting tools, fasteners, fleet & vehicle maintenance, hydraulics, pneumatics & plumbing, janitorial & sanitation, lab & scientific, materials material handling, occupational health & safety, office, power & hand tools, power transmission, test – measure and inspection.

Now for a bit of bad news.

As a seller, Amazon does NOT make it easy for you. It’s a brute! Frankly, it’s doubtful you’ll be able to make it work to its full potential on your own. Amazon makes it that difficult for sellers.

You see, Amazon is focused on creating a smooth experience for the buyer (your customers), and not focused on making it easy for you, the seller.

That’s the bad news. How about more good news? With the help of our strategic partner, we can make it comparatively easy for you to successfully list your B2B products on AmazonSupply. This is done through a product data feed.

We’ve researched the feed management service providers, and chosen the one who gives the most to sellers like you. These folks are product feed specialists – and they are number one in terms of the technical know-how and functionality they deliver to clients like you.

In fact, clients say that the platform developed by our strategic partner (the feed management service company), is the easiest to use. And it gives clients more control and more ability to respond to the market … to stay ahead of the competition … than they ever dreamed possible.

You’re losing sales to your competitors if your B2B products aren’t listed on AmazonSupply and other similar sites. Call or email us today to turn this around for your B2B ecommerce site. Increased visibility through product data feeds means more buyers see your products which leads to more sales.

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