Forget about grabbing their attention

by Karen

Is your primary goal with an email subject line to grab the reader’s attention?

I hope not.

Grabbing attention isn’t enough. That’s a goal of days gone by.

Today’s goal is this: Engage the reader. Draw them into the lead of the email…draw them into the content.

Grab attention versus engage isn’t semantics. The distinction is vital.

You can grab someone’s attention with crazy and outlandish subject lines. But all too often they have little to no connection with the message of the email. Readers feel tricked and may unsubscribe. Worse yet, they may stop buying.

Or readers may expect something fun and wild based on your outlandish subject line. Then they find a normal marketing promotion. They feel disappointed and delete your message. Still not a desired result.

Instead, stay dead on topic and engage readers with your email subject lines. You want to galvanize their interest and drive readers into the copy that follows.

Here are six tips to help you write “headlines” that will drive your subscribers into the content of your email:

Make a connection to the value proposition of your message.

Is it clear? Can readers instantly understand it?

Is the main message point emphasized?

Use precise qualifiers which cement the value into the minds of your subscribers. Words such as quality, special, and better are all vague and perform poorly.

Keep the language simple.

Keep it credible.

Oh, and as always . . . test, test and test some more to determine the best performing email subject line for your B2B company. What tips can you add to the list?

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