Why your landing page is wasting space

by Wiz

Sending people to a bad landing page is like walking off of an airplane and discovering that the pilot landed at the wrong airport. You’ll be disoriented at first and then quite upset. It’s a bad experience all around.

Like the pilot, people are depending on you to do it right. If you don’t follow a few basic rules when creating a landing page … then you won’t get the conversions, leads or sales that you need. Your page will be a waste of space – cyberspace, that is.

In our white paper on developing PPC campaigns for B2B, we talk about how the landing page “continues the conversation”. If it doesn’t, then your visitor is not only confused, he’s annoyed – and then you’ve lost him. (Our white paper deals specifically with PPC, but the same principles apply to all landing pages, regardless of the traffic source. I encourage you to download it and give it a read.)

Veronica Maria Jarski over at Marketing Profs recently wrote a post on this critical topic, titled 5 Reasons Visitors Ditch Your Landing Page. She doesn’t pull any punches. Her five reasons:

  1. The landing page bears no resemblance to the ad’s call-to-action or theme.

  2. The call-to-action on the landing page is obscure; too clever; or hidden far down the page.

  3. “You showed off in smarty-pants language.” That’s a great way to express the problem. In other words, keep it simple. You’ll see four before-and-after examples of this in our Nov 29th post by Karen, “Copy readers understand? Or jargon?” She took copy verbatim off websites and then re-wrote it in a more human, reader-centric form.

  4. “Page bloat” – there’s so much stuff there, the visitor gets lost and leaves.

  5. The landing page is too demanding and pushy. Jarski refers to it as “rushing the goodnight kiss” on a first date.

The landing page must finish the conversation that your PPC ad, email or other traffic method started. And it must be a simple, clear, friendly and polite conversation that encourages the reader to respond to your obvious call-to-action.

Remember this: Every time you send people to a crummy landing page they get annoyed, frustrated, or downright upset. This creates a negative memory that stays with them a long, long time. You’re hurting more than landing page conversions when you don’t do it right.

Follow the guidelines in our white paper, which incorporates everything you’ve seen here today and more. Then your landing pages won’t be a waste of space. Instead they’ll generate the conversions you need and your visitors will be happy too.

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