Who is this email from?

by Karen

A pervasive problem with email – at least in my opinion – is sending it out without clearly identifying the sender. It’s an all-too-common mistake made by B2B businesses and even marketing organizations!

In other words: Sending email with a person’s name in the FROM line.

I get several emails like this every week and I have absolutely no idea who these people are. The larger the organization … the bigger the problem. Especially when numerous employees send out emails.

Folks, we can’t possibly know or remember the personal names of your staff.

Why the FROM line is critical

The email FROM line is the first place people look to determine if they’re receiving SPAM or worse yet, a virus email.

They won’t open or read your email if they don’t know and trust the sender.

Stated another way: With few exceptions, repeated studies and surveys show that the number one reason people open and read email is because they know and trust the sender.

Readers must be able to glance at the FROM line and recognize who just sent them an email. Readers recognize Amalgamated Aviation. But few if any will recognize Sam Johnston or Tom Jones.

Have you ever tested the FROM line? You ought to. Test putting your company name first in the FROM line.

Your company name has greater recognition than an individual’s personal name. Plus it has a good reputation because of all the other marketing and branding you’ve done.

Using your company name in the FROM line is your first step in establishing trust, reputation and recognition via email with your prospects and clients. Test it. I bet you’ll see a bump in open rates.

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