Quality Content is King

by Karen

Hopefully this is OLD news to you by now: Producing plenty of content for your website isn’t enough.

If you want better SEO results, and if you want visitors who stick around a bit (and even return for more) . . . then you must publish QUALITY content.

The most reliable “rule of thumb” for creating and publishing QUALITY content is this:

Content must be relevant to readers and content must be valued by readers

So focus on quality and NOT on quantity. Of course there’s nothing wrong with publishing a large volume of quality content. That’s ideal. Just don’t ever compromise on satisfying your readers.

And remember, what’s most important to your business may not be what’s most important to your readers (prospects and clients). In fact, more often it’s NOT the same. In other words: Their primary interest isn’t the same as yours.

Creating quality content also means content for the different types of readers.

Casual researchers early in the buying cycle. They’re either trying to find a solution to their problem, or they know the solution and are trying to find the best providers.

Serious researchers. They’ve narrowed the field and are now ready for more in-depth information from a select group of vendors. Or they have a pressing need and want to find the best product or service provider as quickly as possible.

Readers looking for lots of details and technical information versus readers focused on how your product or service impacts the bottom line (technical proof and benefits versus business proof and benefits).

As you can see from just these three examples (there are more), considerable variance is found in the audiences you need to satisfy with quality content. And to maximize lead generation and sales all of their interests, needs, concerns, objections, questions, etc. must be addressed by your content.

That’s why here at B2B Scribe we recommend you leverage your quality content. For example: A case study for the same client can be tailored for multiple audiences.

Whatever marketing pieces you create for lead generation or sales, make it relevant to your prospects and give them lots of value. That’s the foundation for writing QUALITY content.

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