Generating Social Media Content – 13 Ideas on What to Share

by Wiz

You’ve got your blog, LinkedIn company page, Twitter account, and perhaps even a Facebook page for your B2B company. Are you producing enough content to keep the pipelines filled?

Actually, you have more options than you might think. All these are focused on your B2B company, either directly or indirectly:

  1. Product launches or new service offerings
  2. Any special promotions, sales, etc.
  3. Events such as conferences, webinars, etc.
  4. Tips, ideas, and tools to solve the problems and answer the questions that your clients and prospects have
  5. Case studies that demonstrate how you’ve helped other companies
  6. White papers
  7. Informational videos
  8. Company news (but recognize your readers probably aren’t as fascinated by your new president as the president is about his/her promotion)

If you’re looking for still more, there are a plethora of generic and industry related items you can talk about, including:

  1. Industry news
  2. Policy updates from Congress if they impact your industry (common for the energy field such as oil and gas, renewable energy sources, and environmental regulations that impact construction, energy, and facilities management)
  3. Something amusing that has even a remote connection to your market; this is especially appropriate in social media networks and often a welcome relief for your readers during their day
  4. Tie into the holidays (and I don’t just mean Thanksgiving and Christmas). What seasonal events or holidays can you write about in connection with how it impacts your industry; or perhaps something just for fun.
  5. Be a resource by creating a list of links and other resources that anyone in your industry would love to find in ONE place. Then periodically promote it across multiple channels.

Finally, create an editorial calendar for the year. Each month the majority of your posts and updates are on the prime topic. And then you fill in with breaking news and special events. Having a calendar takes a lot of pressure off of the people generating the content.

So now that you have all this great content, how can you use it quickly and effectively?

Leveraging the same content in multiple channels

Let’s take this article you’re reading here as an example. The headline is “Generating Social Media Content – 13 Ideas on What to Share”. So how can we take this blog post and leverage it for other social media channels? Some possibilities:

LinkedIn company page update: “Nurture leads and also generate more leads by sending quality content to your readers via social media. 13 ideas on what that content could be.” [include link to blog post]

Twitter: “13 ideas on to keep your social media content calendar full and interesting to followers.” [include link to blog post and any hashtags]

Facebook Business Page: “Having a hard time figuring out what to share with your fans? Here are 13 ideas on content your fans will want to read.” [include link to blog post]

For further leveraging, newsletter articles can be repurposed and published on your blog and vice-versa. A good story can be made into a press release. A collection of tips in Twitter can be combined into a single blog post.

It’s important to leverage and share your great content across multiple channels. Few of your customers or prospects are everywhere you are. Pete Prospect monitors Twitter and your blog. Carol Customer monitors Facebook and online news sources. And Johnny Jobhunter is scanning your company in LinkedIn.

Bottom line: Leveraging content in this way saves you time and gets you in front of more people.

What ideas or topics in addition to the ones I shared here do you have? What other types of content does your company share in the social media networks and channels?

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