Effective content marketing doesn’t end with the content

by Karen

If you’re like the majority of B2B organizations, you’re going to use content to market your business in 2012. Specifically, 60% of B2B marketers plan to spend more next year for content marketing.

This is based on the study, “B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

Their research shows that the top 8 tactics – those most used by B2B marketers – are as follows:

Articles – 79% of B2B marketers using this tactic
Social media (excluding blogs) – 74%
Blogs – 65%
eNewsletters – 64%
Case Studies – 58%
In-Person Events – 56%
Videos – 52%
White Papers – 41%

Three of the tactics saw significant increases in usage:

White Papers – 19% increase
Blogs – 27% increase
Videos – 27% increase

Here at B2B Scribe clients have expressed similar interest in these popular tactics. Often times their greatest challenge is finding the time to create the content (which is where we gladly step in to help…smile). It’s a fairly common situation.

In fact, the top two challenges faced by marketers in the study are “producing enough content” and “producing the kind of content that engages prospects/customers.” That’s also why 62% of B2B marketers use a mix of in-sourced and outsourced content creation (a 12% increase over the past year).

Marketers were also asked to evaluate how effective each tactic is. Four areas saw the largest increases in perceived effectiveness over the previous year:

Blogs – 45% increase in perceived effectiveness of the tactic
Case studies – 32% increase
Videos – 36% increase
Webinars/webcasts – 25% increase

The reason I bring all this to your attention today is this: Often times your content includes links to pages on your website.

Blogs link to other posts or specific promotions; white papers may link to an online video demo; case studies and videos could link to a white paper or a request form for more information or a quote.

Question is: Are these landing pages meeting the expectations of your prospects and clients? After reading and engaging with your content, are prospects and clients/customers still getting what they want and value from your landing page?

For content marketing to be the most effective, you need to consider every step of the process. That includes the landing page you send prospects or clients to from your content (e.g., white paper, case study, video, or article). It doesn’t end with the creation of the content.

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